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Welcome to xiweb

What is xiweb?

xiweb is a website to show stats from a landsandboat server, which is a ffxi emulator.

Why is the website ugly? What happened to Canaria?

The Canaria server is still alive but we have rebranded as xiweb to promote xiweb, you can download this tool onto your own server to see stats from your database. The website has been cleaned of all images to make it AGPL friendly, hopefully soon it will contain new art.

Can I still connect to

Yes :D, but will recommend to use the new server address as will be phasing out the old subdomain.

Where can I find steps on how to setup my client to populate the database?

Please visit Our Wiki to find how to install your client.

Is here a discord server?

Yes, you can access it here. I just recently opened up a rocket chat server, which hasn't been configured fully yet. You can access it just by going to using a browser or the phone/desktop app.

What are the server rules?

What are the server settings?

How can I contribute to the project?

You can contribute by reporting bugs either in Discord/Rocketchat or directly into the Landsandboat github repo. You can also contribute by improving our wiki or website.